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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mistakes and the Editing Queen

I love to write and I like to think that I have a great handle on the English language. But, lately I've noticed that, on occasion, "things" seem to slip under my editing radar; a misspelling hear (just kidding, I did that for effect; I know it should be spelled h-e-r-e), a word omitted there. Even though I reread each post multiple times before I submit it, some things still get by.

Why am I lamenting on the woes of my mistakes? Well, it's because it drives home the point I often write about; it's not about perfection. It's okay to mess up-you'll survive. Of course, I strive to be error free, but sometimes I make mistakes and post them before she sees them (yes, they should be caught before I post, but again, not perfect). Thankfully, I have an eagle-eyed editor and I'd like to acknowledge her. I think she's the best editor in the world. Once she spots my error, I get a gentle email about it and I make the correction. She's painfully shy and doesn't like to be in the spotlight (we're working on that), but I'm letting you all know about Tia, the Editing Queen. I'd post her picture, but then she'd go into hiding(SMILE). As she's reading this, all of the color is slowly draining from her face!! Let's here it for the Editing Queen!! Hip, hip, hooray and repeat!!

By the by, I did a quick search and found that I am not the only person who seems to have this same issue. What about you? How do you deal with your mistakes?

Dr. D. Clutter™

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