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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


No, I’m not talking about the famous singing group; I’m talking about those things that cause you to make negative choices. For me, that includes food and shopping. I love both equally. I have to fight daily to make certain I don’t eat the wrong foods and buy too many things I don’t need. To help in my battle, I rarely bring into my home those things that are my triggers-you know, basically anything that tastes so very good, but is also not so very healthy for me? Seriously, I love and crave sugary snacks and any carbohydrate, so I am very careful not to buy those things or at least not to buy them in any great quantity. I don’t believe in total deprivation because that just makes the thing you crave all the more “sweet” and makes you want “it” more. I have been known to put myself on “restrictions”. That's where I only allow myself to eat my favorites in moderation on certain days (usually Sunday) and only after exercising faithfully because of my “temptations”. As for shopping, I always shop with a list. Just as you’ve heard that you should never grocery shop while you’re hungry, you should not shop while “wanting”. One way I combat this is as soon as the mail is delivered, I shred or trash circulars. Here’s my thought: if I didn’t think I needed something until a catalog “told” me I did, then I really didn’t need it. So I won’t be “tricked” into thinking I do. Make sense? I’ve won a partial battle by limiting the number of catalogs that come into my home by opting out of most junk mail, but a few still make it in. Honestly, it’s a daily battle, but one that I claim victory over-most days. All in all, you have to identify those things that you know will use all of your will power, prayer, and coping skills. Maybe for you it’s not food or shopping, but whatever it is, identify it and take steps to conquer the temptation.

Dr. D. Clutter™

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