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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Did I Get Like This?

I'm guessing that based on the title, you thought this would be a post about some mistake in my life or possibly a regretful moment. It's neither. I just wanted to share experiences that helped shape me into the person I am. I plan to make it an ongoing series of posts, but I'd love to hear your stories as well. Okay, I've written about this before and I'd like to share more of those fond memories. Both of my grandmothers were strong, hard working, family oriented women. They seemed to make due with the things they had, without ever giving the impression that it was never enough. In hindsight, I know that they struggled, but I honestly never heard either of them complain about it. They both had a great appreciation for the items they'd acquired and took great care of them, but there was always a sense that they were just "things". Their homes were neat and orderly, but when it was time to let go of "things", both did, seemingly without pain or regret. Neither seemed to have an unnatural attachment to "stuff". Once an item had served its purpose and could not be repaired, it was discarded. I believe that taught me a valuable lesson and gave me great insight and perspective on clutter. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things and plenty of them, but I understand that life is about more than the things we collect. It's about family and fun and giving and helping to make another's life a little better. I know, this is starting to sound a little sappy and I'm glad it is. Take the time to remember the "sappy" moments in you life.

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