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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I love to travel, but am not a huge fan of hotels rooms; hate to pack, but love to unpack. Yes, it's a strange set of contradictions, but I embrace my eccentricities. I will never be a carry-on bag kinda person-it's an impossibility. Even if I could manage to get all of my clothes and personal airline approved items into a carry-on (will never happen), I would still need a separate bag for my travel linens-yes, I am that person who takes her own sheets, mattress covers, blanket, towels and wash cloths (this is probably where you're thinking TMI, but I'm a sharer). I've had one too many hotel horror stories of unidentified stains, or mattresses that have morphed from the original white to a hideous shade of brown or red, or found substances that should only be found in a lab, in my hotel room. Don't even get me started about hotel bathrooms. I've seen one too many 20/20 undercover investigations where the infamous black light was used, or spoken with one too many hospitality managers (present and former) who tell of "reusable" bedspreads and towels-yuck!! This may be true at the highest of high-end hotels or best budget friendly motels-it's all equal in my eyes-it doesn't discriminate. My family often jokes and I agree, that I leave a hotel room cleaner when I checkout than it was when I arrived. Now, please don't berate me and tell me how hard hotel workers work-I'm keenly aware of that and appreciate the effort. That's why I make their jobs easier wherever I stay. At least for the duration of my trip, they have one less room to clean-I don't use maid service during my entire stay; the "Do Not Disturb Sign" stays on my door for the duration of the trip. When I'm ready to leave, I leave a nice note that none of the linen or towels were used and that the room has been sanitized from top to bottom. Whether they chose to "reclean" after I leave, well, that's up to them. Happy travels!!

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