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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Did I Get Like This? Part 2

In my book, Dr. DClutter’s Wiseisms and Truthisms™ Daily Inspirations, Observations and Humorous Musings, I write about the joy of having three brothers (I may have embellished on the joy part, just a bit), but they were great brothers (I have to say that as they or my mother may read this-just kidding). Here's an excerpt from the introduction:

As a child I kept my toys neat, orderly and in place. It was a battle because God blessed me with three brothers, who I will identify as the terminator, the destroyer and the explorer. THE TERMINATOR would decapitate my dolls with a noose and invite me to watch as he snapped their heads off and made a “popping” noise with his mouth (no I did not require therapy from this experience); THE DESTROYER wanted to see how things worked, but at that time did not have the skills to put things back together. Thus, my Show and Tell didn’t have chance of survival. Finally, THE EXPLORER was interested in the cause and effect of everything. So naturally, he wanted to see what would happen if he poured milk into the mouth of my favorite Happy Birthday Tender Love doll. For a trip down memory lane, she came with a birthday cake with a candle that she would “blow” out if you squeezed her stomach. Well, imagine the smell of that birthday wish with two-week-old milk in her belly. Why do I tell you this happy family memory? I tell it so that you will know why I’ve probably always been an organized person. It was out a need to survive!! Seriously, I’ve always had “the gift” of organization. Note that I did not say that I've ALWAYS used it to the best of my abilities or enjoyed it, but it’s been a part of my life.

Thanks to Joyce,, for the Show and Tell pic!!

Dr. DClutter™

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