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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Auto Dependent

I've been known to say that I'm highly independent, with a side of help-me-when-I-need-help thrown in for good measure. Sadly, recently my car had to visit the mechanic; (don't you just love when that happens?) and she (yes, my car is a "she") had to stay. I thought I would manage and maybe get a ride here and there. Well, "here" was where I was for the most part because people have their own lives, I quickly discovered, especially when I needed a ride. Thankfully, I survived. I also learned something about myself-I'm auto dependent!! No, that's not a deeply profound or psychological concept. It simply means that I've learned that I am a car person. I need my car. I want my car. I even missed my car. Without it, I joined the masses on the subway, but I drew the line at riding the bus. In the past, when I was a "bus rider", I never failed to attract the most "colorful' passengers. Not once. So, not wanting to improve on my odds, I stuck to the subway and my favorite method of transportation, after driving, the pedestrian mode. I felt like Forrest Gump, without the quirky tales and the running. But if I was going somewhere, you could believe I was "walking". Nothing against public transportation, it serves a great purpose and provides a great service, but give me four wheels and something with which to steer them to my destination. I did feel good during my car free days that I was contributing less to polluting the air, clogging the roads and feeding the monster that is supply and demand for gasoline-but I don't want to have to do it again-ever!! If I had my druthers, give me my car or give me…no I'm not going to say death-that's just too dramatic, but I really love having my car.

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