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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Problem Personality Type?

Are you a problem-solver or a problem-procrastinator? How do you determine which one most closely resembles your personality? Glad you asked!! Let's use a broken appliance as an example. Suppose something suddenly broke-what would you do? As a problem-solver, you'd likely play detective by twisting knobs and pushing buttons, plugging and unplugging the appliance to make certain it's truly broken. Hope does spring eternal for both personality types. Once you've determined that it's truly broken, you'd start researching to find a qualified technician to do the repair (unless you already have one on speed dial), comparing a few to get the best deal or a free estimate. Then you'd actually follow-up by setting an appointment. Problem solved (you hope). On the other hand, a problem-procrastinator would likely lament about the broken appliance, but that would probably be the end of the effort.. Of course, the worry, aggravation and inconvenience would linger, but wouldn't be enough to compel you to action. So for months, you'd stick to your avoiding behaviors until the pressure became too overwhelming for you to stay in that place of inaction (or not). So, how to overcome the problem-procrastinator personality? Force yourself to push pass the desire to remain complacent and then follow-through. Don't allow inaction to even be a part of the equation. As soon a problem arises, jump on it-no breaks allowed. Set a concrete plan of action and time frame for completion. Enlist others to help you stay on target. It's harder to procrastinate when you have others aware of your behaviors. Ask them to help you remain accountable. If all else fails, envision how proud you'll feel that you're no longer a problem procrastinator. Self-motivation works!! I never said it was easy, but it is feasible to change.

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