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Friday, May 29, 2009

I often read a small town paper online called the Daily Herald. In the opinion section, there is something called Sound Off! The purpose is for readers to share comments about what matters to them, ranging from topics about life in the city, politics and personal pet peeves, to compliments and complaints. I thoroughly enjoy reading Sound Off! and decided to offer something similar to you, my faithful followers. I love it!! In Sound Off! readers are encouraged to stay on topic, be respectful and the use of foul or obscene language, personal attacks or uses of another's identity to post are not allowed. The rules for what I am calling "Let Go!! with Dr. D. Clutter™" are the same. Every Friday will be our official Let Go!! w/Dr. D. Clutter™ day. I'll post your advice, ideas, stories and thoughts. It'll be a place for you to share your life management and organization issues as well as discuss life events that inspire, empower or bother you. You can "leave it all here", as long as you follow the rules I discussed above. All comments will be reviewed before posting. So get ready, get set and Let Go!! w/Dr. D. Clutter™.

Dr. D. Clutter™


  1. I want to “Let Go!!” about education. The U.S. claims that the key to success is education, yet many people who are educated aren’t living the dream. I’m a person with an advanced degree and I’m struggling. I was speaking with a Bank of America representative yesterday about the changes (increases) to the fees they will charge, trying to get a break on them. She asked what I “did”, as in what my profession was. I told her and she said her daughter was following in my path, but was finding it hard to finance her education-she’d just be denied a scholarship. Why aren’t we “bailing out” students and other people who are struggling? It just makes me angry that we tout education as the key, but then once you achieve an education, you’re not paid well enough to survive. If you can play a sport or act or sing, you can make millions. It should be the same for our teachers, firefighters, police and others. Thanks for letting me “Let Go!!

  2. I'm letting go about crazy drivers. I was on I95, heading north when a maniac in a sports car basically drove right up on my trunk; that's how close he was. After I managed to get out of his way, I saw him weave in and out of traffic, without using a signal and tailgate other drivers. Why do people think that type of behavior makes them good drivers? It doesn't, it just endangers the lives of the rest of us. The funny thing is that there is construction on the 14th street bridge and as I sailed by in the "open" restricted lanes, there he was. Talk about poetic justice.

  3. Dear Bayer,

    I can empathize with you on that experience. I regularly travel I 95, both directions, and I can attest that you are correct about some of the drivers on that stretch of highway. My advice is to stay out of the paths of reckless drivers as much as possible. I know that can be difficult, especially the way some drivers speed, dart in and out of traffic and tailgate, but life is too precious to be in a hurry and end up hurt or worse. Thanks for sharing. See you on 95!!

    Dr. D. Clutter™

  4. Dear Audrey,

    I agree!! Thanks for sharing.


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