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Friday, June 15, 2012

HSC Pediatric Center June Fair 2012 Pics

Some pics from a glorious day of volunteering at the HSC Pediatric Center's June Fair 2012 Family and Community Health Expo.

This was EARLY in the morning. Notice the t-shirt? Paris Love-thanks!!

I was working the registration table. I look pretty happy, don’t I? I was-it’s a great cause!!

One of four tents, with well over 100 vendors. Great support.

Hey, someone had to hold up the tent pole. It was a short break, I promise.

Hey, someone had to hold up the tent pole. It was a short break, I promise.

Prince DaJour was the emcee for the event.

Mr. Robinson and I were tablecloth and t-shirt partners during the set-up. He did a great job!!

Could I smile ANY harder? It was a great day!!

Jackie was in charge of volunteers (and so much more).

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