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Friday, April 10, 2009

Levels of Clutter

Here’s an easy system to rate your level of clutter. Green-this is the lowest level, where you may have a few items out of place, but could reorganize in 60 minutes or less, if an old friend called to say she was “in the neighborhood” and wanted to drop by. The Yellow level is next. This is where you have more items out of place than you have in place and it would take you more than an hour, but less than 6 to reorganize. If that friend called, you’d probably ask if she could stop my the next day so that you’d have a chance to “get your house in order”. The next level is Red, and is the highest on the clutter scale. Every item in your house is out of place. You haven’t seen many of them for days or weeks and can’t remember the color of your carpet. If that friend called to say she wanted to stop by, it wouldn’t be a problem because you can’t find the phone to answer it. It would take you more than a few hours, more like a few days to reorganize your home. Be honest today and evaluate which level best describes you. If it’s Green, you have a good handle on your space, but could be more vigilant daily to make sure you don’t move to the Yellow level. Take a little time each day to put items back where they belong. If you fall into the Yellow level, you need to focus on decluttering your space so that you won’t have as many items to deal with. You still maintain some control, may feel slightly overwhelmed, but not completely. You could be in danger of moving up to the Red level if you don’t take the time to get your disorganization under control. If you’re in the Red level, you probably are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and have decided that it’s too much for you to deal with, so you don’t do anything. If this is you, I suggest and encourage you to ask for help. It’s okay. With the proper guidance and education, you can gain the skills and techniques to help you return to the Green level or better. No matter what your level of clutter, it’s important to take a realistic and honest look at your situation. You don’t have to remain in your level of clutter. Taking small steps goes a long way toward regaining control. You may even create a new level. We’ll call that the Black level for absence of clutter. How’s that for a goal? Let’s all strive to be “in the Black”. It’s a profitable place to be!!

Dr. D. Clutter™

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