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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Organized and Helpful Kids

As soon as a child can walk, they can be taught to be helpful and maintain some semblance of order. Am I telling you to make little Jessica, Diamond or Jymia line their toys up perfectly and organize their diapers? Of course not!! But you will do a great service to your children if you start teaching them to be organized and helpful at an early age. Have your toddler bring you a cup or a favorite toy and then show her where it “goes” when you’re done; lead by example. Here are six steps you can follow to help raise an organized and helpful child:

1. Don’t Encourage Clutter-children aren’t natural clutterers-it’s a learned behavior (and often parent influenced). Many children will willingly give away items until an “adult” says, “Hey, don’t give that away, it’s your favorite...” or “Oh no, we (I) can’t let that go, it has so many memories”.

2. Create an Optimal Environment-don’t buy too much for your child. A few precious items will be more cherished, appreciated and take up less space. After all, how many children have been given a “great gift” only to end up playing with the box or relegating the item to a corner never to be played with again?

3. Make it Fun-Don’t make being organized and helpful seem like a chore. Make a game out of it and make it enjoyable for your child.

4. Praise Often-I often say it’s easier to “catch” a child being good than it is to focus on the negative behaviors, so give praise freely. Praise often; it doesn’t take up any space!!

5. Maintain-As with adults, it’s easier to maintain a space than it is to have to constantly reorganize it. See number 3 and do it.

6. Don’t be a Pain-no explanation needed.

Dr. D. Clutter™

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