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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I worked with a client who was the clutterer in the family. Every room he entered, he cluttered. He would often say, "I don't know how this stuff ends up in here". As I chuckled (and he did too), he felt the weight of the statement. He realized (or at least admitted) in that moment that clutter has no hands, feet or mobility. It can't move unaided. We (along with the family) decided on a compromise. He would be responsible for keeping all common areas clear of clutter (along with the entire family). He had his own "man space" that they decided he would be allowed to keep anyway he liked as long as it did not affect the other members of the family. Not the ideal outcome, as the goal is always to help the client maintain order in every area of their space and in their life. However, as we continued to work together, a strange thing happened. Okay, it was not so strange as it was my plan all along. He started to maintain his space too!! The change was gradual, but I think he'll stick with it. We see each other on a regular basis for follow-ups and maintenance sessions that allow him to continue to refine and maintain his new habits. This has helped reduce the familial conflicts in this family.

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